Without Segasec
With Segasec

The internet is your biggest blindspot. It is a lawless and unfathomably complex, where the only rule is that there are no rules. Catching scammers planning an attack on your customers in such a dynamic environment demands proactive, surgical procedures based on deep intelligence. Segasec understands the hacker mindset. We know their strengths, weaknesses and hiding places, helping us to always stay one step ahead.

Leveraging most advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, we detect attack patterns even as they change. With countless micro services and automation built to scale, combined with simultaneous integration into third party providers, Segasec delivers external protection that no team of security experts can possibly provide.

Built from the ground up, our managed service approach is end to end, focused on detecting, deceiving and taking down scams before they cause damage to your customers and brand. Leveraging invisible technologies such as our proprietary Casper web agent, we are able to identify content replication even on non-domain related attacks. Our Zelda open-source browser extension provides user endpoint protection based on our unique data – keeping your valuable customers protected at all times.