What Can We Learn from the Recent Verizon Customer-Facing Phishing Attack?

  • 11 - April 2019
  • Elad Schulman

Many companies focus their anti-phishing education and security solutions on employee phishing scams, encouraging staff to be careful which email links they click on, or what attachments they open. Bu...

  • 27 - June 2019
  • Elad Schulman

A New Feature on Your Dashboard

Gain Deeper Visibility with Segasec’s Replication Details   Customers with eagle eyes may hav...

  • 17 - June 2019
  • Elad Schulman

5 Reasons Why ‘Inside the Firewall’ Protection Just Isn’t Enough for Phishing Prevention

Many businesses focus on protecting their networks and data centers by deploying security solutions ...

  • 07 - May 2019
  • Elad Schulman

Your eMail security solution falls short without intelligence into your external perimeter

While email security is a strong doorman, what is protecting your prized assets when they are not in...

  • 26 - December 2018
  • By Elad Schulman

What is the best way to keep your customers off the phishing hook – education or a proactive approach?

Phishing costs billions of dollars in lost assets and damaged reputations every year, and the trend ...

  • 15 - March 2019
  • Elad Schulman

Following up from RSA 2019: What’s the Role of Law Enforcement in Consumer Phishing Scams?

‘Trust’ was one of the topics on everyone’s lips at RSA 2019, and who should we trust more than our ...

  • 03 - January 2019
  • Elad Schulman

Your Reputation is on the Line When your Brand becomes Phishing Bait

Imagine your customers opening an email, ostensibly from your organization, informing them that you ...