MANAGING DIGITAL RISK: Conquering the Security Challenge Beyond Your Perimeter
November 11th, 2019 2:00 PM UK/09:00 AM ET

Jarad Carleton, Cybersecurity Global Program Leader at Frost & Sullivan
Elad Schulman, Co-Founder and CEO of Segasec

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Segasec Wins Cybersecurity Solution of the Year Award at PwC Cybersecurity Day

27 - October 2019

Israeli security software company, Segasec, won the Cybersecurity Solution of the Year Award at the Luxembourg Cybersecurity Week gala dinner. Segasec has one mission: to stop consumer-phishing cams o...

Cybertech Europe 2019 – ‘Securing’ the EU

03 - October 2019

Tra le altre pensiamo al progetto di Segasec, un’azienda israeliana (quasi una startup), che propone una soluzione end to end per mitigare il rischio del phishing con un’offerta di servizio gestito. ...

Segasec Unveils Early-Warning Service for Detecting Phishing Scams

26 - September 2019

New feature can detect takeover efforts before they occur.  Israeli cybersecurity start-up Segasec is adding to its managed service offering the ability to detect potential account takeover attempts a...