MANAGING DIGITAL RISK: Conquering the Security Challenge Beyond Your Perimeter
November 11th, 2019 2:00 PM UK/09:00 AM ET

Jarad Carleton, Cybersecurity Global Program Leader at Frost & Sullivan
Elad Schulman, Co-Founder and CEO of Segasec

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Mimecast acquires Segasec, Read our press release for more information.

News & Events

07 - January 2020

Mimecast acquires Segasec

Mimecast has closed on a deal to acquire the digital threat protection firm Segasec. While the merger’s financial details were not revealed, a Mimecast spokesperson told SC Media that the deal was clo...

06 - January 2020

Mimecast Buys Segasec To Safeguard Against Credential Harvesting

The technology of early-stage cybersecurity startup Segasec is engineered to actively monitor, manage, block and take down phishing scams or impersonation attempts on the web.

06 - January 2020

Mimecast Acquires Segasec to Boost Phishing Defense

Segasec's technology will be integrated into Mimecast's email and Web security services to identify malicious domains.