1Detect Domain Manipulation

We start by uncovering billions of suspects, monitoring domain registrations, newly issued certificates, mail server provisioning, social networks, blogs and anywhere on the web where consumers interact with brands. We offer the best detection at scale, providing as large a solution as you need. Driven by our patent pending technology, and using powerful machine learning and AI, quadrillions of highly targeted scans are performed around the clock.
Suspicious activities are immediately added to a watch list where they are monitored for progress.

2Uncovering Content Scraping

Segasec is the only solution that protects against content scraping at the same time as domain manipulation. Our powerful web agent (patent-pending) alerts us to duplication or manipulation of your existing website. When hackers start planning their attack, our AI takes this further, picking up on any textual, visual and phonetic resemblance to your brand, before damage occurs.


3Block and take down

As soon as a threat becomes a risk to your customers, we block the digital assets and protect all endpoints. We have partnered with thousands of registrars and hosting providers across the globe to take down malicious sites with our dedicated APIs. Our record is 2 minutes! We remain vigilant until all malicious content has been taken down. The Segasec platform is integrated with services such as spam filters, ad blocks, anti viruses, browsers, browser plugins, blacklists, DNS providers and more.

4Deceive and Confuse the Attackers

Sophisticated deception technology takes our solution to the next level. Attackers want credentials, passwords, credit card information and more from your customers. In a subtle enough way to avoid detection, we submit countless fake records by millions of bots operating from unique IPs, diluting the data they hope to steal and making it unusable on the Dark Web. All fake data is marked, which helps to trap the cyber criminals by leading them to contained honeypots where they can be monitored more closely.