1Detect malicious intent

We start by carefully searching the web for clues on endless vectors where attacks are initiated – monitoring domain registrations, newly issued certificates, mail server provisioning, social networks, blogs and anywhere on the web where consumers interact with brands. Driven by our patent pending technology, quadrillions of intelligent, highly targeted scans are performed around the clock.
Suspicious activities are immediately added to a watch list where they are monitored for progress. Our automated approach, empowered by machine learning algorithms, cannot be tricked. When intent scammers start planning their attack, our AI will pick up on any textual, visual and phonetic resemblance to your brand, before damage occurs.

2Identify the threat

All the relevant collected data is correlated with our huge historical attacks database. Attackers often reuse their infrastructure, so suspicious domains, lines of code, email servers and other malicious activities are identified from the onset. When our intel verifies that an attack is imminent, our real-time feeds alert our clients to level up internal network security, while we take preemptive measures to take down the attack outside the network perimeter – before it goes live.


3Block and take down

Our intelligence gives us a big head start in detecting attacks – before they even launch. We have partnered with thousands of registrars and hosting providers across the globe to take down malicious sites in no time. We remain vigilant until all malicious digital assets have been blocked and taken down.
The Segasec platform is integrated with a slew of services such as spam filters, ad blocks, anti viruses, browsers, browser plugins, blacklists, DNS providers and more. Such closely coordinated efforts with our partners lead to an unprecedented level of response and takedown success rates.


Our protective solution delivers end to end coverage, the ultimate goal being to take down malicious assets while deterring such attacks from recurring. To achieve this, we use sophisticated deception technologies to reduce attacker motivation. Attackers want to collect credentials, passwords, credit card information and more from your customers, so we deceive them by submitting countless fake records by millions of bots operating from unique IPs. All fake data is marked, which further helps to trap the cyber criminals by leading them to contained honeypots where they are assessed and monitored 24/7.