MANAGING DIGITAL RISK: Conquering the Security Challenge Beyond Your Perimeter
November 11th, 2019 2:00 PM UK/09:00 AM ET

Jarad Carleton, Cybersecurity Global Program Leader at Frost & Sullivan
Elad Schulman, Co-Founder and CEO of Segasec

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Understanding Crossover Predictions to Protect Your Customers from Digital Risk

Experts predict that cyber-security will be at the center of executive discussions as we inch closer to 2020.”  No surprises there, then. With the increase in connectivity, digital transformation and the pace of change, there are more opportunities than ever before for attackers to take advantage. When they do, they could threaten either your core business or your customer safety and security. 

The real question is, are these two categories as different as you might think? The increase of crossover predictions is a great way to tackle this issue. 

What is a Crossover Prediction? 

Simply put, a crossover prediction in the security industry is an estimation that cybersecurity companies will work within a new focus area to expand their reach. In many cases, this will be alongside other vendors or companies to protect their offering. After all, secure connectivity needs to be provided in every emerging smart industry, from energy companies and autonomous vehicles, to healthcare, education and finance. By branching out to ‘cross over’ with a new service or area of expertise, security providers can be future-focused, and support companies with experienced security technology and knowhow that they couldn’t manage alone. 

Now let’s look at this from the business point of view. If you’re a company looking to create a crossover of your own, and protect your business in a future-focused way, where do you turn? 

Turning Your Security Focus Outside-In

Traditionally speaking, businesses have always aimed to protect what happens within their own internal perimeter, choosing security solutions that complement this goal. When a customer was browsing on a business’s own website, the company didn’t want to risk the user facing a drive-by download, and compromising the user experience. When attackers tried to brute-force their way into the company network, the business wanted to ensure that critical applications and customer data remained safe. The list went on. In order to keep their brand safe, businesses protected themselves from the inside-out. 

Today, for any customer-facing company, this protection is not enough. The main risks to your customers are not on your own website, they are elsewhere on the internet where you could never think to look. Phishing attacks grew by 27.5% in Q3 of 2018, reaching more than 137 million attempts thwarted by Kaspersky alone. These attacks are insidious and increasingly smart, updating and changing every few hours to avoid detection. When customers fall victim to these targeted phishing schemes, or fooled by websites that mimic your own – the reputational damage and the fallout of the attack will lie firmly at your own door. 

Our crossover prediction is that in order to protect your own business, decision makers will need to embrace security models that look out for your customers. This has to happen not just internally, but from the outside-in, by businesses expanding their security focus more broadly than their internal perimeter alone, embracing solutions that are external and far-reaching to keep their users safe. Protecting the business and protecting the customer aren’t two disparate categories, they are two sides of the same coin. 

In response to this threat, Segasec is a one stop shop for consumer-facing phishing schemes. We offer the fastest and most comprehensive solution for digital risk on the internet, whether that’s domain manipulation or content scraping. We stop attackers at the earliest possible stages of their attack against your customers, blocking and taking down their threat, protecting your brand with quadrillions of scans 24/7, using AI and Machine Learning to find the dangerous blind spots on the infinite web. While you can continue to protect your internal network, a crossover partnership with us handles the external – giving you 100% peace of mind. 

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